Why you must visit Pileh lagoon when in Phi Phi islands

Pileh lagoon


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Pileh Lagoon on Koh Phi Phi Leh island is an incredible lagoon for bathing and snorkeling where the waters throw more green than blue. This natural lagoon paradise is surrounded by limestone mountains, making it a brutal landscape worth seeing. Hundreds of kaleidoscopic, wild fish will welcome you into warm, 30 degrees (86°F) waters.

At the Pileh Lagoon, there is an entrance of a small beach with a swing on the rocks. There, you can take a relaxing bath. Both above and under water, Pileh Lagoon offers a fantastic panorama. You should bring along your GoPro for a day trip to record the scenery. If Pileh Lagoon had a more extensive beach, it would be even prettier than Maya bay. The color of its waters is incredible, and the vegetation of the mountain is impressive. The protruding cliffs shield Pileh Lagoon more than its larger sister, Maya bay. But it certainly has its charm to be a little smaller.

Drone enthusiasts may find it interesting that Pileh Lagoon resembles a heart shape from above, adding yet another spectacular aerial view of the Phi Phi island. For snorkeling enthusiasts, we recommend exploring the south-east part of the Pileh Lagoon. There are beautiful corals and thousands of colorful tropical fishes, making Pileh Lagoon snorkeling and an absolute delight.

Surprisingly, most visitors only come to Pileh Lagoon for swimming and snorkeling, ignoring the small beach hidden deep inside the lagoon. In front of the steep and dark cliffs, there is a narrow strip of fine white sand, where you can be alone. However, there is no privacy, since many excursion boats pass rather close. If you want to access Pileh Lagoon and its tiny beaches without being distracted, come early in the morning. The nearest place to stay is on the main of the Phi Phi islandsKoh Phi Phi Don.

The best time to visit Pileh Lagoon is from November to May when the overall weather and sea conditions are the best in this part of Thailand. You will find the waters in Pileh Lagoon remarkably clear and calm during this period. Not to mention this is the best time for Pileh Lagoon snorkeling, especially during January-April. As to other months of the year, the southwest monsoon prevails in Thailand, making the sea choppy and murkier. Even though Pileh Lagoon is shaded by tall and scenic cliffs – hence it is less prone to unfavorable conditions inside the bay – getting to Phi Phi island may be less pleasant in general.

Islander exclusive boat trips and overnight yacht holidays across Phi Phi islands always follow the best time of the day to visit Pileh Lagoon for snorkeling or sightseeing with fewer tourist crowds.

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