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Koh Samui island review

Koh Samui is a pure, tropical island paradise that exudes a magical spell of romance, calm, and adventure. With miles of soft beaches, tall coconut palms, abundant rainforest, and a top pick for famous hotels and wellness retreats, Koh Samui island promises an everlasting impression. Koh Samui may only be the second biggest island in Thailand. Still, it has its picks of mega-celebrities and dignitaries from all around the world lining up for a visit.

For some, it is the sandy beaches lined with thick palm forest and surrounded by blue-green waters that create a unique and relaxed vibe. For others, it is the combination of hidden waterfalls, lively night markets, and an abundance of Buddhist temples. For sea lovers, Koh Samui is a perfect island hub to go diving with whale sharks and exploring hidden beaches within the archipelago. Even for those willing to dance all night long, Koh Samui island is the right place.

Despite Koh Samui being widely developed, it still manages to retain that natural island aura, which travelers from all around the world are looking to experience. What started as just a fishing village in the ’90s is now blessed with its international airport, high-end resorts, fine dining, shopping centers, and modern cinemas. It has undoubtedly made Koh Samui more in tune with current standards but does nothing to take away from the charm.

Your Koh Samui vacation is not complete without some island hopping. Visiting Koh Phangan for a day trip, or Koh Tao & Koh Nang Yuan for snorkeling – are the most popular choices. Besides, the islands of Ang Thong National Marine Park are spectacular for its biodiversity and the abundance of eco-adventures. While the half-day trip to Koh Madsum “The Pig Island” could be pretty attractive for families with kids.

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