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Gili islands

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Gili Islands is a string of three tiny dots off the northwest of Lombok island in Indonesia – Gili Trawangan (Gili T), Gili Meno, and Gili Air. Despite hotels available on each, Gili Islands is a popular day trip destination for Lombok and Bali boat tours. If snorkeling is your thing, you are in for a treat. Gili Islands not only packs an assortment of powder-soft beaches but is also near many snorkeling spots that promise some of the best coral reefs. No surprise, Gili Islands is also a famous diving hub in the region with over 20 dive sites to discover.

Gili Trawangan (Gili T) is the largest of all three Gili islands, and that brings with it the other things which set it apart. With a brighter party life scene, more beaches to behold, and an array of touristy infrastructure, it is the most developed of all the three islands making up the Gili landscape. And while the western side of Gili T boasts with action day and night, you can find peace and serenity on the eastern ends.

Gili Air is the second largest of Gili Islands and is the closest to Lombok. Despite this proximity, Gili Air benefits from being overlooked by a lot of tourists heading to Gili T, which could be a blessing. You get all of the highly visible waters making up the coral reef to yourself. Bringing a magical vibe of a close-knit island community atmosphere to the natural feel of the area, Gili Air is an idyllic getaway of its own.

When the Gili Islands are mentioned, Gili Meno is probably the one that does not get the kind of attention that it deserves. Sandwiched between Gili T and Gili Air, Gili Meno strikes with its calm nature, friendly fishing community, and beautiful coconut plantations that grace everywhere on the island. If that is not a sight to behold, the island will probably be better known for its fantastic swimming beaches alongside a turtle sanctuary that tourists should not miss.

Finally, many travelers to Bali confuse a trio of Gili Islands with another set of Gilis that lie within Lombok’s vicinity. Off the southwest of Lombok island, there are twelve notable South Gilis that are also great to visit for a day trip. In contrast, on the opposite side of Lombok and completely off-the-radar are the Secret Gilis. Impressive how Lombok island managed to pack so many Gilis around it!

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