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Koh Lipe


Thailand Koh Lipe Guide

A picture of Koh Lipe will do an excellent job while explaining how paradise looks like. A tiny island surrounded by colorful coral reefs and countless small islands is one of the best diving destinations in Thailand. Koh Lipe is all about natural beauty, relaxation, and awesome activities. The island is a home of national parks and marine pRotected areas where you can observe untouched nature. Colorful coral reefs attract marine life, which sets Koh Lipe as a premium diving destination.

Koh Lipe, a tiny dot on the map, is located just a few kilometres away from the Malaysian border in Satun province. The island is very well-connected with other southern islands, and the development is booming. Initially, the only inhabitants were sea gypsies who were looking for shelter during the storms.

If you’re planning a quiet holiday where you can relax and enjoy the untouched nature, then Koh Lipe is the ideal destination for you. Koh Lipe is a lovely island for couples and families who are looking to enjoy their time in paradise. There are various things to do, such as enjoying the beach, trying local delicacies, hiking, exploring the jungle, diving, and snorkelling or taking a boat tour.

Like the rest of the southern islands, Koh Lipe goes through two main seasons – low and high season. The best period to visit Koh Lipe is from November to late April. January is the peak month when the majority of tourists arrive on the island, and rainfall levels are close to none. The high season features an abundance of accommodation and tour options, restaurants serving local dishes, and tiny beach bars playing reggae music.

Low season, on the contrary, features slow days on the island accompanied by constant rain, wind, and high tides. The majority of the tours are not operating, and locals seem to go to other places to earn money. The low season starts at the beginning of May and ends up in October. The temperature doesn’t fall below 25°C all year round, which makes Koh Lipe a pleasant getaway island for made for relaxation.

Recently, Koh Lipe is going through rapid development that results in various areas to stay that differentiates by the budget. Currently, you can find different options, from backpacker’s dormitory rooms to luxury resorts with a private chunk of beach. Pattaya Beach, Sunrise & Sunset beach and Karma beach offer a variety of accommodation, activity and tour options depending on your budget.

Koh Lipe is a very slow-paced island radiating with a relaxed vibe, but you may feel bored after a while. Don’t worry as there are many options for island hopping from Koh Lipe (you can even jump to neighboring Malaysia). Koh Rawi, Koh Tarutao, and Koh Adang are tiny islands in the archipelago that feature untouched nature, clear waters, and rich and diverse underwater world. For adventurers who’re into diving or rock climbing, the best option might be Koh Khai. There is also a remarkable Koh Dong, or Monkey Island, where you can observe dozens of cheeky creatures any time of the day directly on the beach! A Malaysian jewel, Langkawi, is just an hour away from Koh Lipe and is an excellent option for continuing a trip.

Koh Tao and Koh Lipe feature a very similar vibe and level of development. If you’re looking for a bit off-the-beaten island with a relaxed and quiet atmosphere, then Koh Lipe is a winner. Koh Tao is generally cheaper island and offers more accommodation options as well as a more lively nightlife. If you’re looking for diving spots, then going to Koh Lipe is a must!

Koh Phi Phi is probably the most touristic place in the whole southern Thailand, but for the right reason. The island is terrific, well-connected, and serves as an ideal starting point for island-hopping. Koh Lipe is a way less-touristy island with the most beautiful diving spots in Thailand. If you have only a short time and planning to visit multiple places, then Koh Phi Phi might be a better option.

Similan islands are one of the less-known islands in the Andaman sea, which provides its visitors with stunning beauty, coral reefs, and untouched nature. There is just a very basic infrastructure and minimal accommodation options. Similan islands are an excellent option for a day-trip or very short stay in an untouched paradise, but if you’re looking for more variety, then head over to Koh Lipe.

Best islands to see from Koh Lipe

Tarutao Park