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Khao Lak is one of those Thai locations that many tourists and travelers would overlook when they are looking for a beach to lounge on. We have come to find out that this is not because of a lack of beaches, but because many don’t know where to look when it comes to choosing the best beaches in Khao Lak.

Khao Lak is blessed with something you might not see elsewhere: easy access to an assortment of untouched beaches, which adds much to the traditional beach experience. Better than that, it is also close to other islands (Similan islands and Surin islands), which you can hop on for something extra in the way of beach experiences. So, how about we get into this list of the Khao Lak beaches that are worth a boat trip?

Nang Thong Beach
Depending on your activity level, you will usually find something to match your energy at Nang Thong Beach. The first thing that stands out about this beach is the unusual golden sand that meets the almost-white waters at a beautiful arc. The beach area is wrapped around thick vegetation, which helps contribute to the resulting ambiance. Even though Khao Lak beaches are not all that busy, this one is a little bit on that active side since it is close to the city center. Earning a reputation for being a surfer’s delight, it is also a prime location for swimming and snorkeling at the same time.

Sunset Beach
For some seclusion and quiet time, Sunset Beach does a great job. It is also torn away from the other Khao Lak beaches, thanks to the hills that border this location. It, thus, makes one of the ideal spots for those looking for a honeymoon beach, families with kids and tourists who just want to soak it all in. Speaking of soaking in, the palm trees which line the front of the trees provide a more than ideal spot for lounging during the day. Before leaving, make sure you stick around to see how the sunset happens here. That way, you can better understand where the beach got its beautiful name from.

Bang Niang Beach
If there were one beach to rival the offerings of Nang Thong Beach, it would be the Bang Niang Beach. Coming from being relatively unknown to becoming one of the best beaches in Khao Lak didn’t happen by chance, though. This beach combines all the charm of a white, sandy beach with the picturesque setting of palm trees along its tracks with a host of conveniences to get there. Besides, Bang Niang has also become a choice option from the Khao Lak beaches for snorkeling. This is yet another category – besides swimming and sunbathing – where it directly competes with the attention of tourists against Nang Thong. If you are wondering which one of these to visit first, know that you can walk from Bang Niang Beach to Nang Thong beach too. Why have a little fun when you can have it all?

Similan and Surin islands
As mentioned earlier, the best beaches in Khao Lak might not be able to hold a candle to those which you have visited elsewhere in Thailand. Fortunately, this island makes up for that in being closer to the Similan islands and Surin islands. These archipelagos are so close that they also contribute to the host of best beaches in Khao Lak while allowing you the luxury of seeing yet another set of islands on a single trip. Both archipelagos are almost identical in what they offer too. Besides being better developed with clearer water and finer sands on their beaches, they also bring a range of fun activities with them. Similan islands might be a sailor’s desire, but it ties with the Surin islands in offering the best underwater explorations. Thus, there are no shortages of scuba divers, snorkelers, and deep-dive swimmers in the region.

For those who do not want to get into the water, the lifestyle by the beach is also as fun. Add the chances of hiking and rock climbing, and you know why they are ideal entries on your list of best beaches in Khao Lak.

Best beaches in Khao Lak

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