Why you must visit Koh Miang when in Similan islands

Koh Miang


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Koh Miang or Island #4 hosts the national park headquarters for the Similan islands, and is a perfect place to moor up on the super-soft sands. FAmed for two bays (Honeymoon & Princess), where the King of Thailand’s daughter spent her honeymoon. There is marvelous snorkeling and shallow diving on Koh Miang. While ashore, you’ll find easy trails for forest walks.

Koh Miang is known as an island that is more developed for visitors. Accommodation options on the island include bungalows and a high number of tents along with other facilities such as a restaurant and a shop for visitors to buy souvenirs. Along with Islands #5 and #6, they form the Hideaway Bay, which is an excellent anchoring place for liveaboards and known as the safest anchor place among the Similan islands. Therefore, Koh Miang is the most preferred anchor place due to its safety from major storms and high waves.

Two beautiful beaches are accessible on Koh Miang for visitors, namely Honeymoon Beach and Princess Beach. Both Honeymoon Beach and Princess Beach are located near to each other along the northeast coast. Visitors can walk from the beach to the beach at a 10-minute walking distance from one to the other. Among the two beaches, Princess Beach is the shorter and narrower one. You can expect pearl-white soft sand surrounded by blue-turquoise waters with lush tropical vegetation in the background.

On the other hand, Honeymoon Beach is located at the northern tip of Koh Miang, and the beach consists of a sandy slope surrounded by granite stones. The coral reefs in the north part of Koh Miang start from 6 meters below the sea, where snorkelers can get the opportunity of swimming among large schools of tropical fish. The island’s facilities can be found near Honeymoon Beach, where the national park headquarters are. In the southern part of Honeymoon Beach, a Royal Thai Navy outpost serves as the local coast guard and first aid center.

When visiting Similan islands on a day trip from Phuket or Khao Lak, Koh Miang is always included in the itinerary. With its stunning scenery, viewpoints, powder-soft beaches, and turquoise waters, Koh Miang will leave an everlasting impression. Alongside the rest of Similan islands, Koh Miang is best to visit from November until mid-May, with absolute best months being February and March.

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