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Pattaya has come to be known for a lot of things. Among these, travelers are always looking forward to exploring the culture and authentic sights as much as they are willing to milk out the nightlife from this exotic location, which just keeps on giving more. However, it would not be an ideal trip to one of the best islands in the world if you never took a moment to explore the best beaches in Pattaya too. Whether you are on your way to ‘The Sin City’ or you are already there, here are some beaches you never want to miss out on seeing.

Pattaya Beach
This is not a repetition. There is a beach in Pattaya called Pattaya beach, but we will recommend that you put this aside till you have enjoyed your time at the other beaches on location. That is not because it is not a great beach, but it is the one that tourists and travelers like to flock in little time. Thus, you might not have a lot of free space and time to yourself in a crowded location. Once you are willing to look past that, though, you get to see a massive beach area offering such activities as parasailing, banana boat riding, and jet skiing, among other things. You can also go swimming here, but we don’t recommend packing your snorkeling gear along.

Wong Amat Beach
The reasons why Wong Amat beach is one of the best beaches in Pattaya is not far-fetched. The waters here are not only clear but very clean by many standards. The beach also offers a spectacular view of the sea and prides itself on being very close to the Pattaya beach (northern side, that is), so you can always head there for more fun. While all that seems gentle, it is just the perfect thing for a family with kids. Thus, you will usually see a lot of kids playing with the sand and near the waters here.

Bang Saray Beach
Anyone looking to taste the water experience at Bang Saray Beach should exercise a lot of caution since it is usually visited by whale sharks from time to time. This, combined with the way the water is set up, has to be one of the reasons why it remains one of the best beaches in Pattaya for experienced scuba divers. That said, you will also be surprised to find out that the beach is calm and serene enough for an evening of self-reflection and contemplation. Most people who go here enjoy the relaxing ambiance which the beach grants them – as well as being able to watch the sun go down in the evenings.

Tien Beach
Remember when we said that the Wong Amat beach has clear waters? Those waters have nothing on the level of clarity which Tien Beach brings to the table. Located just on the brink of Pattaya, it has gained a reputation among the Pattaya best beaches for being a top spot for bachelor parties. Of course, that means the beach won’t be a stranger to other forms of parties at different times of the year. You will always see the marriage of a white-sand beach shore with the clear, emerald-reflecting waters from any angle you stand on. Finished with a series of resorts and restaurants, swimming and sunbathing here is as close to living your beach fantasies as anything else.

Koh Larn Beach
If you must snorkel at any of the Pattaya beaches, Koh Larn beach is what you are looking for. The beach is best accessed by a boat ride, which you can charter from Islander, and it has been adjudged one of the best beaches for a honeymoon experience too. You would think so also when you come across the assortment of romantic locations, extravagant natural scenic landscapes, and the calm in the area. In full swing, Koh Larn beach is no stranger to a series of watersports to make things even more fun. Offering underwater sea walking alongside scuba diving and, of course, snorkeling experiences, you can never go wrong with a visit here.

Khram Islands
The two most beautiful islands near Pattaya are Koh Khram Yai and Koh Khram Noi. They are featuring white sandy beaches, crystalline waters, and seductive coves, which make for a magical cruise. And make sure to check out the beach on Koh Phai (Bamboo island). Despite being close to Pattaya, they all have something unique to offer you in their beachcombing, snorkeling, and other tourist-inclined experiences.

Best beaches in Pattaya

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Koh Phai


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