Why you must visit Khram Yai when in Pattaya islands

Khram Yai


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Koh Khram Yai spreads a lot of charm as one of the largest islands nearby Pattaya. A perfect destination for a day trip, Khram Yai promises picturesque coves, deserted white-sand beaches, and bays. The island is uninhabited and very lush, adding a Robinson Crusoe feeling when cruising around.

Khram Yai, alongside smaller islands surrounding it, belongs to the Royal Thai Navy base. This means the island is well preserved but mostly off-limits for tourists. Nevertheless, Khram Yai is a trendy destination to enjoy from the boat or in waters surrounding it. Khram Yai attracts many day-trippers, with snorkeling enthusiasts the most.

There are two beaches on the island where snorkelers can experience clear waters and captivating corals. These and other Khram Yai beaches also serve as conservation areas for sea turtles under shelter from the Royal Thai Navy. All of the beaches on Khram Yai are blessed with fantastic powder-white, soft sand. Quite an upgrade from other islands around Pattaya!

To the south of the Khram Yai, there are massive limestone drop-offs that are reminiscent of Phuket’s fabulous Phang Nga Bay. The waters surrounding it, and the sea between Khram Yai and its nearby sister island Khram Noi, are crystal clear teaming with marine life and coral reefs. This offers exquisite snorkeling, and you will find the fishing in this area makes for a very pleasurable experience indeed!

A cruise around Khram Yai makes for an exciting experience with one taking in the beauty of the beaches, coves, and inlets surrounding the island. One of the most popular ways to reach Koh Khram Yai is by chartering a speedboat from Pattaya City with Islander, which will take around 1h to reach.

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