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Gili Trawangan, or simply Gili T, is known for spectacular beaches and abundant coral reefs. Hence, snorkeling is one of the least worries on this trendy island. There are plenty of secluded spots around Gili T that snorkelers should not give a miss. The northeast tip of Gili Trawangan is a favorite snorkeling place among travelers, with the Turtle Point being the highlight.

You can swim and snorkel with gentle sea turtles that like to gather on seagrass beds here. Encountering turtles is common when snorkeling in Gili Trawangan and Gili Air. If you are lucky, you can swim with dozens of green turtles and hawksbill turtles at the same time during high tides.

Not to mention an abundance of snorkeling sites with vibrant corals right off the beach on neighboring Gili Meno island. For those adventurers looking for more of the best snorkeling in Gili Trawangan, here is our take on other great places to visit.

Nusa Lembongan tops our list with Sandy Bay and Mushroom Bay, both offering exciting snorkeling close to the beach. To complement snorkeling with other eco-adventures on Nusa Lembongan, we recommend kayaking Mangrove Point, where you can witness a variety of animals and birds in their natural habitats.

But this Nusa does not compare with what its sister island – Nusa Penida brings to the table. From snorkeling along its multi-faceted Crystal bay to best snorkeling scenery at Kelingking and Atuh beaches. Known for regular sightings of manta rays, Crystal bay provides a unique snorkeling experience close to Gili Trawangan with its remarkable seascape of surrounding cliffs and hills. While underwater, a snorkeling paradise awaits with gorgeous corals and magnificent hidden caves.

Our duo pick among the twelve notable South Gili islands – Gili Nanggu and Gili Layar – also offer an impressive array of sites to complement the best snorkeling on Gili Trawangan. Both islands promise gorgeous soft corals and underwater scenery, which complement the relaxed vibe on these lesser-known Gilis. As they are located close to each other, you can be sure to use your snorkeling gear to experience the vibrant marine life and coral wonders provided by these snorkeling sites.

Finally, the island that needs no introduction – Bali – offers more to the plate when it comes to snorkeling Gili Trawangan. Only 20-30 minutes away by boat, welcome to marine wonderlands of Amed and Lipah beaches. Nearby its black sandy beaches lies the Japanese Shipwreck that will excite every snorkeler’s “eye buds” – there is so much to see here!

When rounding up the best snorkeling in Gili Trawangan, one should never miss Lombok, where northern bays offer fantastic snorkeling depending on the time of the year you visit. Further east, the Secret Gilis might not be as popular, but definitely on par with the snorkeling experience in Gili Trawangan. Tourists can expect no crowds but only a wide array of tropical fish when snorkeling Secret Gilis. It is the ideal snorkeling destination where you can experience peace and tranquility while exploring the wonders of this less discovered island destination.

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