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The story of a holiday in Krabi would never be complete without a mention of Koh Poda. Even though this is a tiny location, by many standards, it manages to pack quite a punch with the combination of beauty and things to do. It is, thus, little wonder that many travelers want to hop on Koh Poda when they are vacationing in Krabi or around.

The love story that is Koh Poda is not a singular one. Although part of the Krabi coastal landscape, it also happens to belong to the group of three other islands making up the Poda Island group. Of these four, Koh Poda happens to be the largest – even though the diameter cannot be over a diameter. That makes it even more magical a location – this island will undoubtedly meet your expectations in search of the most picturesque beaches in Thailand.

The beach
The beach landing at Koh Poda is what fascinates most of the travelers. The point at which the turquoise green waters meet the white sand beachfront signifies the start of the plentiful fun that they are soon to enjoy. Almost the entire island is engulfed by this white sand, making it possible to take a hike around and explore the irresistible beauty from the pine and palm trees lining the breadth of everywhere you step on.

The dune
A tiny Koh Poda island showcases a flawless, white sand Thale Waek Dune. During low tide, this famous dune divides the attached islands of Koh Tub and Koh Kai (Chicken island), creating a scenic walk in between. Topographically, Koh Poda is a huge rock surrounded by lush vegetation at the base of which a sandbar has formed. It is where you can lay down to have an idyllic do-nothing time. Most of the tourists will stay at the beachside, but it is better to walk the island to get a better feel of the whole island before you leave.

The snorkeling
When you finish with your beach exploration on Koh Poda, it is time to get out your snorkeling gear to see what lies under the waters here. Featuring some of the cleanest and clearest waters in Krabi, Koh Poda also finds itself home to a vibrant coral reef and an assortment of colorful fishes to match.

Getting to Koh Poda
You can reach Koh Poda via a boat ride. With daily trips on any kind of boats – from speedboats to catamarans to luxury yachts – offering a pleasant sea trip of about 25 minutes from Ao Nang or Railay beach to get to Koh Poda. Once you arrived on this island, you will feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, but not for long! Many other people are also hopping on this island for all the scenes and experiences which it brings, so it won’t take long for your boat to get filled up. Therefore, we always recommend going early enough to get the best out of your Koh Poda experience.

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