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Manokwari Sorong, Biak, Ambon, Jakarta, Makassar, Kaimana, Jayapura, Fakfak No connection

Manokwari is the capital of West Papua, at the western end of the island of New Guinea. The town has many resorts and is a major tourist area in this far eastern outskirt of the Indonesian archipelago. There are over twenty-four different tribal groups living in Manokwari, each with its own unique language and culture and you’ll spot their traditional Honai (rounded houses made of wood and grass), alongside wooden sculptures of virility and beauty they are renowned for. Manokwari has also become one of the sacred historical places for the Christians in Papua. Tropical rainforest blankets most of the surrounding Arfak Mountain range, home to cuscus possums, paradise kingfishers, riflebirds and the king bird of paradise. Majestic views, cool air and striking valleys fit for inspiring treks, birding and wildlife watching exist alongside exotic beaches such as the coal-black Amban Beach, and Bakarao Beach – where fishermen summon their catch using a whistle made of shells. The huge Anggi Lake, and Mountain Meja (which looks just like a table!), wrap up the choice delights of this diverse, far-flung corner of the globe.

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