Why you must visit Pink beach when in Komodo Park

Pink beach


Indonesia Komodo Park Pink beach

Pink Beach on Komodo Island is one of the only seven places on the planet where sand produces remarkable pink hues. The origin of the Pink Beach in Komodo is due to many red corals crushed by the waves and then mixed with brilliant white grains of sand.

The sight of bright pink sand and crystal clear blue waters is surreal – the true definition of paradise in Komodo National Park. It is an indescribable experience to scoop a handful of sand and see those pink sand flowing through your hand. Despite not being the sole pink-colored beach in the national park, Komodo Pink Beach is well-known as the most famous one. Several other pink beaches can be found in the eastern bay of Komodo island as well as on Padar island.

Pink Beach on Komodo Island is widely lauded as an iconic spot and appearing on all travel bucket lists. This is not surprising as how many would expect a beach that glows in a pinkish tint as compared to the more common yellow sun-kissed ones. Pink Beach on Komodo Island is perfect for photographers and drone operators. Every day so many creatives search for that perfect Instagram shot on this iconic beach. Come early to enjoy serenity free of human interference, glowing waters, and spectacular raw and natural surroundings.

You will likely see the Pink Beach among every itinerary across Komodo National Park. Coupled with a visit to Komodo village and trekking for Komodo dragons, Pink Beach is always there too, on the same Komodo Island. The fairytale beach faces a reef full of exotic fish and colorful corals, making it a perfect location for wide-angle drone footage, not just photos. Some say it resembles cotton candy and is simply terrific, especially during sunset.

For extreme seekers, not that Komodo dragons don’t stroll the Pink Beach as some travelers claim. Yet still, it pays to be extra vigilant as dragons do live on Komodo island and are known to be excellent swimmers. For those looking for Komodo dragons strolling the beach – head over to Rinca island’s south, to Nusa Kode. Don’t forget to always keep a safe distance from them.

For everyone else, Pink Beach is undoubtedly one of the best places to see during your adventure in the Komodo National Park. Islander yacht charters and boat tours promise to take you to Pink Beach during the best times of the day, all year long.

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