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A yacht holiday is one of the most luxurious, timeless and memorable ways to explore the planet. Unlike the more rushed experience of island hopping, a yacht expedition gives you an extended period of time to wonder at the beauty of nature, allowing the sounds, smells and sights to really soak in.

Islander yacht holidays and expeditions will take you on a voyage into the most exclusive, remote and naturally beautiful secrets of South East Asia. It would be more accurate to call them “luxpeditions.” Although you’ll be venturing into waters very few people on Earth have ever sailed, making you feel like an intrepid explorer from the great maritime period centuries ago, you certainly won’t be stormed by pirates or struck down with scurvy! Your expedition will be made in the height of style and comfort, with your every need attended to by a professional crew, specially chosen to provide the highest quality service and safety.

Islander also promises you the very best itineraries, put together based on our extensive knowledge of the region. We have access to the most stunning island territories in Thailand, Indonesia, Burma, and we’ll share with you the location of the best beaches, astonishing viewpoints and jungle waterfalls only locals know about. Here is just a taste of our favourite yacht holidays and yacht expedition destinations. ~ more

Mergui Islands

If you’re looking for the ultimate in uncharted, unspoiled and unknown paradise, we recommend a yacht expedition to the mysterious islands of Burma - the Mergui Archipelago. The very name sounds strange and exotic and you’ll make the kind of memories here that only a tiny handful of people across the world will ever share. Picture mountainous décor, blanketed with jungle. Dream of spectacular waterfalls tumbling onto creamy-white beaches, fringed by pristine coral reefs. Visualise a place with no tourists, populated by nomadic tribes.

Underwater, check out moray eels, green turtles, whale sharks, dugongs, octopus and cuttlefish. You might even catch a glimpse of a whale or rare Irrawaddy dolphins. Set sail with a full heart every time you depart another Moken village, where sea gypsies share their simple lifestyle with smiles and waves. But the beauty of a sailing holiday is that you get the best of both worlds; land AND sea. You can moor up, hop onto terra-firma and head inland if you wish. Across Mergui, that will enable you to see a wide variety of astounding wildlife; hornbills, pangolins, monitor lizards, gibbons and civet cats.

Located in the Andaman Sea, west of Burma, they are quietly tucked away off most people’s radar - but not ours! With more than 800 tropical islands, Mergui is a place that requires expertise to navigate and build a fulfilling itinerary - Islander will do all that for you.

The Banda Islands

Only a few people in the world get an opportunity to visit the 11 islands of Banda; a paradise filled with romantic, cone-shaped volcanoes, palm-fringed islands, sumptuous green jungle, some of the best beaches in Indonesia and enchanting nutmeg plantations. The nutrients of the Banda Sea provide a perfect habitat for spectacular coral reefs to bloom into some of the most acclaimed on Earth. A sailing holiday to this hidden corner of Indonesia is about as unique an experience as you can get and one of our favourites here at Islander.

Komodo National Park

Komodo is better known among tourists, as one of the largest islands of Komodo National Park; arising proudly from the turquoise Flores Sea. Home to the last survivor of the ancient, gigantic lizards stalking the terrain, you have officially entered the Lost World.Its open landscape of rocky outcrop, auburn paths, dry forests and glassy sky, is punctuated by soaring Palmyra trees. The mysterious islands of Komodo offer much more than dragons - not a phrase you’ll ever hear again outside of Game of Thrones!

Raja Ampat

The jewel in the crown of Indonesia is Raja Ampat. Translated as “Four Kings,” it’s a suitable name; voyages through this magical region of 600+ islands are fit for royalty. It has the highest marine biodiversity recorded on Earth, so perhaps unsurprisingly is rated one of the best snorkelling and diving sites in the world.

Raja Ampat’s land biodiversity is every bit as rich as its ocean environment. Rock islets amidst the crystal waters and bright blue sky in Wayag, Pam and Misool, offer some of the most divine scenery on the planet. With untouched hills covered in orchids and limestone cliffs jutting around hidden bays, it’s rugged, raw and a completely unique experience. The term “luxpedition” was virtually invented for Raja Ampat.

Contact us now and Islander will create your ideal yacht expedition on board one of our decadent yachts - where unique memories you’ll make will go unmatched by anyone’s travel itinerary.~ less