Why you must visit Koh Yang when in Tarutao Park

Koh Yang


Thailand Tarutao Park Koh Yang

Koh Yang is a pristine island and a real snorkeling and diving gem nearby Koh Lipe, located north of another popular diving gem of Koh Hing NGam. When you visit Koh Yang, it is either for record-breaking snorkeling around the island or its wonders deep below. You do not even need to jump in the water to see the coral reef; the whole area is indeed spectacular.

Koh Yang lacks powder-soft white beaches of other islands in the vicinity, offering mostly forests and high cliffs scenery. If you decide to venture for a trek, you may find the edible Indian-almond plant among its jungle trees. There is only a tiny beach on the northern side of Koh Yang that appears at low tide. Nevertheless, Koh Yang is a perfect destination for day bobbing on the water.

There is an abundance of hard and soft coral gardens along the east and west coasts of Koh Yang. They gently slope down to a sandy bottom that continues beyond 30 meters, absolute heaven for divers. There are multiple shallow bays around Koh Yang with healthy corals and many reef fish visible even from the boat. You can dive around Koh Yang all day long with a different experience every time.

Koh Yang East promises gorgeous hard coral reef in the shallows and large boulders overgrown with phenomenal soft corals at depth. This diving site is full of marine life. You can spot angelfish, moray eels, lionfish, butterflyfish, lizardfish, parrotfish, scorpionfish, moorish idols, wrasses and groupers, and many many more.

Koh Yang West is another excellent dive site, comparable to Koh Yang East with stunning multicolor soft corals and a unique variety of marine life, including various shrimps, pipe-fish, sea kraits, and spiny lobsters. The currents around Koh Yang are predominantly tidal, meaning certain times of the month there are strong currents, and at other times none at all.

Nerby Koh Yang, you can visit a Jabang Reef that is known as “soft coral heaven.” The reef features submerged pinnacles with bright purple and soft pink corals plus an extraordinary abundance of marine life. Prone to stronger currents, this small reef is equipped with ropes for safety and is perfect for both snorkelers and divers. Yet still, there is much more to see around Koh Yang.

Koh Lipe is surrounded by over 30 islands and hundreds of reefs all within easy reach, including Koh Yang. It only takes 20 minutes by speedboat or 45 minutes by a longtail boat to reach Koh Yang from Koh Lipe, enjoying the scenic views while cruising there.

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