Similan Islands tour ~ Best trips in Phuket and Khao Lak (2020)

Similan islands



Similan islands is a one-of-the-kind holiday destination for adventurers who enjoy snorkeling, diving, and exploring pristine islands full of exotic wildlife. With exceptional visibility of the crystal clear waters throughout the archipelago, the Similan islands tour offers an experience that is unmatched in Thailand. You simply cannot miss it, especially when your vacation is just close by in Phuket or Khao Lak.

Many people will tell you about how the Similan islands tour is among top things to do for lovers of the seas and oceans and everything water. Imagine a dreamy chain of eleven island gems with a coral reef that’s over 5000 years old and beaches so powder-soft white like nothing you have ever experienced. We will tell you that even if you didn’t fancy any of those, this is still an incredible island-hopping location. And you might leave Similan islands tour having become a hydrophile yourself.

So, what makes the Similan islands day trip a must thing to do for everyone staying in Phuket or Khao Lak? The simple answer to that lies in the paradisiac setup of this location, grouping a host of similar yet uniquely different islands in the same place. This even makes it better for island hoppers to get the best experience in a lot of different locations at the same time. Think about being able to boast about having visited a lot more islands than you intended to.

The Similans Islands tour is an Ultimate Island Hopping. On getting to any of the islands on the archipelago, there are surely a lot of things to do. Your skipper will know much about the area and will be able to give you pointers, but you could do better with a Similan islands tour guide on hand. Even if you didn’t have one, there is no way you will be missing out on the fantastic landscapes. Not to mention natural setups the Similan islands area brings to the table for snorkeling and diving are simply breathtaking.

What you will visit

Of all the eleven islands which the Similan archipelago offers, Koh Similan is the jewel of the collection. It is not only beautiful but comprises a collection of water bodies that are very safe for snorkeling. Koh Miang is yet another remarkable location during the Similan Island tour, playing home to even the King of Thailand’s daughter when she was on her honeymoon. All that, and we have not even mentioned the sights and sounds of Koh Bangu, Koh Payu, and Koh Ha. The underwater adventures there are too long to attempt to list. In short, we can almost promise you that you might not want to leave this set of islands once you get to them.

For the best experience, we still recommend spreading out the exploration of all the islands on the Similan turf across different days, unless you don’t have much time left for your vacay. Even better, you can also combine the Similan Island tour with the Surin Island tour during your vacation.

Similan islands from Phuket / Khao Lak

For travelers staying in either Phuket or Khao Lak, it makes sense to organize a Similan Island day trip for one or more days of the entire vacation duration. This way, you can split out the islands you would visit across multiple days while filling up the rest of the space with other itineraries. Likewise, the Similan islands day trip makes it possible to enjoy the fun activities on these islands when they are at the head of your vacation.

Depending on when you take off, a Similan island tour from Phuket should take roughly about the same time as a Similan island tour from Khao Lak. No matter where you are approaching the Similan islands from, though, you get to enjoy the services of catamarans, yachts, and speedboats, depending on your personal preferences. Happy island-hopping!

Best places in Similan islands

Koh Similan


Koh Miang


Koh Bangu


Koh Payu


Koh Ha


Koh Bon


Koh Tachai


Richelieu Rock