Racha Island tour ~ Best day trips in Phuket (2020)

Racha islands



A Racha Island tour is a perfect day trip for those who seek peace, soft and powdery sand, beautiful bays, remarkable snorkeling, and diving hidden wrecks. Thus said, Racha Island day trip promises five exceptional beaches to explore on Koh Racha Yai, plus a kaleidoscopic topography along the sister island of Koh Racha Noi.

Those on a Racha Island tour from Phuket can reach the islands by boat, with Koh Racha Yai only 40 minutes away. The island will cast its spell instantly, welcoming with sensational beaches and wild nature. Further 20 minutes north, and you are among the magnificent dive sites and thick tropical vegetation of uninhabited Koh Racha Noi. This 2-in-1 exotic feature makes Racha Island tour an essential adventure from Phuket.

Siam Bay
Racha Yai is the first stop when going on a Racha Island tour from Phuket, where you can discover its two gorgeous beaches and bays. Siam Bay is the largest, horseshoe-shaped bay on the island, offering a long stretch of a sensational beach. Once you experience this sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of Phuket, you will know what a perfect luxury escape is.

Patok Beach
At the same time, Patok Beach will astound you with its remarkably white-powdery sand and WOW scenery. It is simply breathtaking watching the sunrise and sunset here for those sun worshippers or trekking the small mountain for the most beautiful views of the two bays. Many tourists even compare Patok Beach to the fascinating Maya bay on the Phi Phi islands.

Racha Yai
Siam Bay and Patok Beach are not the only highlights of Koh Racha Yai. The island is famously known as a spot for snorkeling and diving in crystal clear water above the wrecks and reef-building cubes. Hence those who are into diving often go on a Racha islands tour to enjoy this first-class activity as well.

Racha Noi
Only 15-20 minutes away – the sister island of Racha YaiRacha Noi is untouched and undeveloped. Those taking the Racha islands tour from Phuket are often left amazed by a superlative diving here. Koh Racha Noi caters to both beginner and professional divers with its shallow and deep waters. Marine creatures such as the blacktip sharks, turtles, and giant manta rays are fantastic diving companions, not to mention the gorgeous reef structures and wrecks that add to your diving adventures.

The Racha islands tour also caters to those who enjoy fishing. The east shore of Koh Racha Noi is one of the top places to visit for that. You will notice many fishing boats lining the beach, with longtail boats transporting fishing enthusiasts between Racha Noi and its surrounding reefs. All in all, whatever your island-hopping priority, the Racha Island tour from Phuket will tick any boxes.

As tourists often travel to the Racha islands for snorkeling and diving, it is best to visit from November to May, when the sea is the calmest with the highest visibility possible to enjoy its abundant marine life.

Best places in Racha islands

Racha Yai


Racha Noi