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Thailand Racha islands Guide

Two beautiful twins, close to Phuket in proximity but miles away in atmosphere, the Racha Islands offer an island escape for those wanting peace, smoothly soft white sand, pristine bays surrounded by flourishing reefs, stunning coral and hidden wrecks.

The word Racha comes from the word “Rajah” – “the real king” Islands of Racha, while Noi and Yai mean Small and Large. Racha Noi is a rocky coast and wild nature. It is perfect for lovers of diving and fishing. On the other hand, Racha Yai Island has five sandy bays, the West bay (Ao Patok), Siam Bay, Thu Bay, Ao Lan, and Ao Khon Khae. Most travelers visit Racha Islands to experience pristine dive sites nearby Phuket, as well as beach comb on its whitest and softest sands. Both islands are painted with dense tropical vegetation and palm trees. Racha Islands is a must-visit for at least a day trip if you are on vacation in Phuket.

Racha Islands are 12 km south of Phuket, with Koh Racha Yai being closer, followed by Koh Racha Noi. The largest Racha Yai island is reachable by speedboat from southern shores of Phuket in 20-30 minutes. Even though the island is no longer a secret spot, it is not overrun with tourists like the Similan islands. You can still enjoy a romantic getaway stay here, away from the hustle and bustle of Phuket.

Racha is an archipelago of two islands that look pretty similar. The largest island is Racha Yai, and the smaller one is Racha Noi. Both islands feature fantastic underwater topography. You will undoubtedly enjoy Siam Bay on Racha Yai, which is one of the tourist centers in the Racha Islands. Racha Yai is also known as Koh Raya or Koh Raja. There are five beaches on the island with Patok beach being the most visited. Its sand is purely white and soft. The other sister, Racha Noi, is a popular diving destination from Phuket.

If you want to visit the Racha Islands, the best time is from November to May. During this period, the sea is the calmest while the water visibility at its highest, promising the best snorkeling and diving that Racha Islands is famous for.

In recent years, the local government has been developing infrastructure on Racha Yai. Quite a few hotels have appeared, and bungalows can also be rented with a daily cost. All accommodation options can be found on Siam Bay and Patok beach. With two luxurious hotels, Koh Racha promises a perfect tropical getaway for a sophisticated traveler. Otherwise, Phuket will offer you unlimited accommodation options while you can island-hop to Racha Islands for a day trip by boat with Islander.

  • Easily accessible from Phuket on a day trip
  • Racha Yai bays are ridiculously pretty and Instagram-perfect
  • Its beaches promise powder-soft white sand that you won’t find anywhere else nearby Phuket
  • Racha Islands are fringed with healthy coral reefs that are so good for snorkeling
  • First-class diving with five wrecks to explore and thousands of reef-building cubes, and the best staghorn reefs in the area
  • Fantastic underwater topography with regular visits by giant manta rays
  • Racha Islands are for those who look for a quiet and isolated holiday in the lap of incredibly beautiful nature
  • You can quickly get to Racha Islands from Phuket by boat. The most popular option is to book a joined day trip by speedboat. With Islander, you can also charter a private catamaran or a yacht and experience Racha Islands in style.

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