Why you must visit Maiton island when in Phuket islands

Maiton island


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One among plenty of islands around Phuket stands out especially. It is Koh Maiton – a tranquil private island hidden in the glistening turquoise blue waters of the Andaman Sea. It is interesting to note how this small island has been able to take itself away from the shadows of Phuket, even though they are relatively nearby.

Honeymoon island
Maiton Island (occasionally written as Maithon or Mai Ton) is also known as the Honeymoon Island. The name befits every romantic story when you look at the luxury bungalows when approaching the island. Only 2.6 km across at its widest point, Maiton Island is ringed by nodding palm trees swaying in the breeze and beautiful golden sands, as well as crystal-clear waters and vibrant coral reefs. Koh Maiton is an unspoiled gem promising the most incredible private island experience with only a handful of guests allowed on the island at a time.

The beaches
This beautiful tropical island is tucked away in the crystal blue waters of Andaman Sea, only 30 minutes boat ride off Phuket’s east coast. Maiton island is complete with a soft-sand beach full of stunning washed-up corals and seashells, and a lush green natural forest inland. Relax and bask in the gleam of the glorious warm sun by the shore and feel the waves as they touch the soles of your feet. Look out into the horizon, and one might spot some dolphins frolicking in the sea. And as you dip into the crystal clear water, a spectacular whole new world underneath reveals.

The snorkeling
The waters surrounding Maiton Island are abundant with marine life. Some even compare it with Koh Lipe as the Maldives of Thailand. During December-May, the sea around Ko Maiton is crystal clear like a blue mirror. There is a coral reef near the beach full of sea flowers, while dolphins can be spotted roaming around often. Besides, Maiton Island is also the point where the marine species conservation center uses tiger clams to breed in front of the island. It has been a coral conservation project for many years. Therefore, it is always a good idea to dive Maiton Island, exploring its underwater treasures.

The viewpoint
When on Koh Maiton, one of the popular activities is trekking to a spectacular view. Witness the idyllic scenery from all four angles and see how the beauty of the blue waters resonates around the exotic landscape that the island enjoys. While out here, there is also a selfie spot for those who are inclined to take some pictures.

Gourmet food
Maiton Island features a fine restaurant that will treat you to an affordable, light breakfast with some coffee to get the day started. This treat will be enough to get you active for seeing the rest of the island from the viewpoint, appreciating the underwater beauties and more. The restaurant is also fAmed for serving one of the gourmet lunches in the area. It treats tourists to a premium buffet that comes with all the traditional food to fantastic tastings of seafood and everything in between. Only those who are booking an overnight stay at Koh Maiton will have to go for some dinner.

A perfect day trip
Even though Koh Maiton is known as a private getaway destination, you can get the best out of the island in one day. Sunset trips to Koh Maiton by catamaran from Phuket are also very trendy. Always watch out for the dolphins when sailing the Andaman sea back to Phuket! Although dolphins have their season when they do come out to play more, they are a common sight around Maiton Island. Enjoy this tiny paradise island with its immaculate beauty, magnificent natural views, untouched shores, and beautiful white sandy beaches all around. Maiton is the last private island with an untouched nature among Phuket archipelago. Visit it while you still can!

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