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Unlike most other islands in Thailand, Pattaya is not blessed with many diving locations. It is, thus, a welcome idea that several areas introduced below are just big enough to support a relatively large crowd at once. If you sail out to the west of Pattaya, about 21 km, you will find a tiny Koh Rin. The island features a diverse and healthy coral reef attractive for coral diving. If you are a first-timer or have not dived at advanced levels before, you can take to one of the certified divers around this area to show you the ropes. The calm waters at Koh Rin are awash with unusual friendly fish species you can make acquaintances with on your first diving journey. The abundance of coral reef and rocky bottom make the waters a lovely breeding ground for underwater species such as moray eels, sea turtles, reef sharks, and barracudas. Also, nearby to Pattaya Koh Sak island offers various diving spots suitable for beginners as the water depth won’t exceed 10 meters. The interesting fact about this spot is an artificial coral reef that serves as a natural habitat for various sea species such as sea turtles, eels, and octopus.

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