Krabi Islands tour ~ Best day trips in Phuket and Krabi (2020)

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Krabi islands tour promises fascinating destinations near Krabi town and even closer to its neighboring coastal villages of Ao Nang and Railay. And while many might not know about the Krabi islands – but that is just what makes it as impressive as it currently is. On these lesser-known islands are a series of exotic locations, fun spots, hidden areas and secret relaxation spots to make any holiday you might plan around Krabi and Phuket as worthwhile as possible.

Among the tropical gems visited during the Krabi islands tour, most notable is Koh Hong island with its secret lagoon. Also usually included is an exploration of caves at Railay beach, snorkeling at Pak Bia, unusual Chicken island, white dunes at Koh Poda, and a unique shrine at Phra Nang Beach.

Krabi island tours take you from Phuket, Ao Nang, or Railay to a myriad of adventure and relaxation spots on the same day. Wherever you go on your boat trip, you are never far away from the heavenly sands and enchanting waters of the Andaman.

What you will visit among Krabi Islands

Koh Hong is a definite highlight of any Krabi Islands tour. This exotic getaway is renowned for its natural lagoon, surrounded by majestic limestone formations. There is also a spectacular beach in Koh Hong that is a must-visit and is a great place to kayak along. Koh Pak Bia is another top-rated spot during the Krabi Islands tour. Enjoy the emerald color waters and gentle tides around, which is a peculiarity of Phang Nga Bay. The sea is shallow here, painting a beautiful beach of Koh Pak Bia that is so tempting for snorkeling.

When joining the Krabi Islands tour from Phuket, you will likely visit a magnificent Railay beach as well. Only accessible by boat, Railay Peninsula welcomes with spectacular stacks of rock-forming headlands. In just one place, you can explore the gorgeous beach, try rock climbing, and discover remarkable caves of Phra Nang. The experiences at the Klong Muang beach and Tub Kaek beach are also worth heavily considering if you have more time on your hands.

Places to see on Krabi mainland

For many people going over to Krabi islands from Phuket, they are interested in seeing the broad expanse of mostly undeveloped land, which forms the forest area on this island. But that means disembarking in Ao Nang and heading mainland. Thung Teao Forest Natural Park, which features the Crystal Lagoon, is probably the most popular destination there. Due to its natural beauty, some people have even nicknAmed this secluded location to Emerald Pool.

The Krabi Islands tour doesn’t end there. You may also enjoy a visit to the plethora of caves that adorn the length and breadth of the Krabi Peninsula. Within its jungles, there is a unique cave of Wat Tham Sua, where monks used to live in the past. The cave was also regarded as the former dwelling place of a tiger. We bet that it is enough to send some chills down your spine as you explore the region.

How to join a Krabi Islands tour

As the name suggests, Krabi islands are easily accessible from the coastal area of Krabi that includes popular beach towns of Ao Nang and Railay. Yet still, Krabi islands tour from Phuket is a trendy destination for a day trip as well. Traveling from Phuket, the boat passes the scenic Phang Nga Bay and the island of Koh Yao Noi, adding even more experiences to the plate.

And we hate to spoil it for you, but you might soon find out that a day trip to Krabi Islands is not enough to see all that you had in mind. If your vacation permits, though, there is no rule against taking a second, third, and even fourth boat trip to explore all the secluded islands even better.

Best places in Krabi islands

Koh Hong


Koh Pak Bia


Koh Poda


Chicken island


Railay beach


Phra Nang


Ao Nang