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Thailand Koh Larn Guide

Seeing how massive and amazing Pattaya is, it is beautiful to see that a location as close to it as Koh Larn still manages to pull in the crowd from Pattaya. Occurring as a simple, calm, and serene crescent-shaped beach, the delicate sands of Koh Larn makes it one of the best locations for tourists looking for laid back beach life. Also known as the Coral island, Koh Larn is a perfect tropical getaway in all senses.

Koh Larn is aptly situated in Pattaya – dubbed the celebrity island of Thailand – and it lives up to the name of its parent location too. Koh Larn sits at just 7.5km off the south coast of Pattaya itself. With a total of eight beautiful beaches, the island measures a modest 5km in length, making it ideal for hikers who are looking for some sense of adventure. Despite its size, Koh Larn island has proven a severe tourist magnet, pulling visitors from Pattaya in droves to see how beautiful the small island is.

For those who think the busy life in Pattaya can get crazy at times, Koh Larn island is the ideal location to be. The small area of Koh Larn features two villages holding thousands of hotel rooms and restaurants for willing tourists. Most visitors troop in to see the beauty of this natural, magical location, if only for a day trip from Pattaya. Koh Larn shines above all surrounding areas with its beautiful hillsides and even more picture-worthy slopes. Wrapped in an abundance of jungle green, Koh Larn island brings out mother nature to travelers. With a wealth of fun and some of the most beautiful beaches in the Gulf of Thailand to explore too, holidays can never be boring in this locale.

Koh Larn island, unlike many other exotic regions in Thailand, is blessed with three different weather types. The first, occurring between December and February, is a warm and dry season. Then it gives way to the warm and humid season, which lasts from March to sometime in April. Afterward, the sky allows a rainy season until November. Looking at that, the best time to visit is from November through April since the dry seasons will be in full gear then. That gives you the chance to explore as much as you want without being bothered by the weather.

Tourists rarely see Koh Larn as a resort but rather as a complement to the beaches of Pattaya, or one of its attractions. Most tourists visit Koh Larn in the form of day trips or independent travel on its shores, which are considered much cleaner urban Pattaya. For those guests wishing to stay overnight on the island, Koh Larn has a slew of amazing locations to be chosen from, depending on what beaches and areas you are in.

You don’t have to spend all the time on Koh Larn Pattaya, thanks to the presence of other inviting islands nearby. You can choose to visit any of the Khram Yai island, Koh Ped (Monkey island), Koh Samet, whenever you are on Koh Larn. The exciting thing about all of these islands is that they also bear the same signature with Koh Larn while bringing something new to the table. Thus, you are always made to feel at home while still having a taste of something different to switch up the experience.

Pattaya has about the best nightlife in all of the island locations to be found in Thailand, and it holds that over Koh Larn. However, Pattaya has a notorious reputation and is nowhere near as quiet and peaceful as Koh Larn. Of course, Koh Larn is a small island – but that just makes it the ideal place for family getaways, a romantic vacation, and quiet vacations.

There is not much difference between these two locations, save for the fact that they offer different forms of entertainment when the night comes rolling in. Lovers of a bubbling nightlife will naturally prefer Koh Samet. Others who want to enjoy all of their activities during the day and just retire at night, though, will appreciate the setup which Koh Larn offers.

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