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Thailand Koh Kood best beaches


Koh Kood is a beautiful island featuring a thick jungle, healthy mangrove forest, and the astonishing amount of secluded world-class beaches. If you’d like to have a whole beach for yourself, rent a scooter and start exploring off-the-beaten-path of the island. Koh Kood beaches are mostly situated on the west side of the island, while access can be quite limited on the rocky coastline on the east side. The beautiful Koh Kood beaches on the west side are ideal for a quiet and relaxing getaway. In contrast, the more active ones can benefit a thing or two by kayaking around the island while enjoying the magnificent sunset views.

Ao Phrao is a must-see bay and the beach on Koh Kood. Known as one of the most remote beaches in Thailand, Ao Phrao is relatively secluded and peaceful with little development. If peace and relaxation are your top priorities, Ao Phrao offers you just that. It is no wonder why it is among the best beaches on Koh Kood. Tourists can enjoy much privacy on Ao Phrao while enjoying the facilities on the beach. An exquisite Ao Phrao might be the best beach in Koh Kood, but it’s mainly the river trip that gets the plaudits. A National Geographic-like journey that seems forgotten by time, with its water village, monastery, and life-sustaining river, makes it a cultural delight.

Bang Bao Bay is another favorite hideaway beach on Koh Kood. This charming, sandy-bottom bay has excellent pRotection and is the best place to anchor up. Enjoy powder-sand on Bang Bao Beach and relax after exploring the surrounding jungle and hidden waterfall. Most tourists who flock to Bang Bao Bay are left amazed by its beauty and acknowledge that it is one of the best beaches in Koh Kood. Attributed mainly to its clean sand and clear turquoise water, swimming and sunbathing are favorite activities on this horseshoe-shaped bay. Other activities that appeal to tourists here are kayaking, snorkeling, and diving.

Located on the west coast of Koh Kood, Ao Yai Ki is another destination to be discussed when talking about Koh Kood beaches. Ao Yai Ki is also known as Captain Hook’s Bay, with coconut trees spread along a milky-white beach, crystal clear water, and pRotected anchorage. It is highly recommended for tourists to explore the northernmost part of the bay, where it is known to be the most beautiful and longest. Ao Yai Ki is one of Koh Kood’s best beaches that are not developed. Ao Yai Ki is an absolute gem for people who’re looking for a secluded beach experience in a remote tropical paradise of Koh Kood. Tourists are even able to visit the waterfall that is located just nearby the Ao Yai Ki. This Koh Kood beach paradise promises way more than only beach activities.

Best beaches in Koh Kood

Ao Phrao


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