Why you must visit Koh Rang when in Chang Marine Park

Koh Rang


Thailand Chang Marine Park Koh Rang

Koh Rang is the main of a group of 12 uninhabited islands at the center of Koh Chang National Marine Park. It is one of the archipelago’s most famous dive and snorkeling areas, with the best sites located northeast and southeast. The islands of Koh Rang are covered in a thick and diverse jungle, which makes it a perfect ground for hiking and exploring untouched nature.

Koh Klang and a few other small islands off northwest Koh Rang, provide brilliant snorkeling and a gorgeous, alabaster beach. While the tiny Koh Mapring, combined with the attractive beach at the southern end of Koh Rang, make up one of the most scenic snorkeling areas around.

Koh Rang archipelago promises some spectacular dive sites in the area. The deepest and most famous dive site is at Koh Rang pinnacle (Hin Ga Daeng). It is an excellent site for photography with big barracuda, triggerfish, sea turtles, sweet lips, and schools of batfish. The second most famous site is at Three Finger Reef (Hin Kuak Ma). Here among beautiful corals, you can spot eels, nudibranchs, bamboo sharks, and stonefish. Finally, the small islands of Koh Yak and Koh Laun are ringed with a kaleidoscopic reef abundant with different coral fishes. Coupled with shallow waters and mild currents, no wonder this dive site is favorite among beginners.

Overall, head to Koh Rang for the healthiest coral in the region and to see the natural underwater beauty on the last untouched paradise in the Gulf of Thailand.

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