Why you must visit Koh Mak when in Chang Marine Park

Koh Mak


Thailand Chang Marine Park Koh Mak

It’s hard to get bored in a secluded tropical paradise. Koh Mak and surrounding islands offer a variety of activities suitable for active travelers who’re looking to get a grasp of Thai paradise. Koh Mak hides some fascinating rubber and coconut plantations deep inside, and white powder beaches on the outside. The best part, the island is flat and can be explored by a scooter! Its livability and proximity to spectacular island-hopping make Koh Mak a perfect tropical getaway.

Koh Mak packs quite a punch when it comes to accommodation options. From luxury resorts, bungalows in the jungle, campsites, to cozy family hotels. There are three main areas where you can stay – Ao Soun Yai, Ao Kao, and Cape Kradun (southeastern part). Apart from its own three splendid beaches, Koh Kham and Koh Kradat offer few more of the best beaches within easy reach from Koh Mak. Unlike some overcrowded islands in Thailand, you can enjoy these tropical beaches just for yourself. Just open your coconut and soak in the natural beauty of the untouched island covered with palm trees and white powder sands.

Koh Mak is known for its shallow clear waters without strong currents, so there are many snorkeling spots just off the beach. Head over to Ao Suon Yai or Ao Talong and start walking until you reach colorful corals and massive underwater rocks. There are two little islands (Rayang Nok and Rayang Yai) right next to Koh Mak that are worth visiting. Koh Rayang Nok has an elegant little beach in the north, and if you’d like a change from the hustle and bustle of the ferries and speedboats rocking Koh Mak anchorage during the day, this is an idyllic getaway.

The other two islands within its vicinity (Koh Kham and Koh Kradat) are not suitable for staying overnight and are ideal for day-tours only. The same with an uninhabited archipelago of Koh Rang. Hop on a personalized boat tour with Islander and explore these and other island gems around Koh Mak.

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