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Kupang Bali, Labuan Bajo, Lombok, Rote, Waingapu, Jakarta, Makassar, Tambolaka Dili

A slender, rain-starved, limestone gem with grainy white beaches and epic surf, Rote floats south of West Timor. Offshore winds create swells wild enough for expert surfers, but astonishingly also gentle enough for beginners. Discover a mixed scenery of natural limestone bridges, undulating green-gold grasslands, tiny offshore islands bordered by hectares of deserted beaches, intact coral reefs, rare mangroves, turquoise bays and more top-class waves. Diving is exceptional due to large numbers of manta and dugong, plus the endangered snake-head turtle. With its own culture, beautiful ikat weavings, and ritual traditions, Rote offers a thrilling tropical getaway, still unexplored and remote. ~more

Surrounded by many small uninhabited isles, hidden bays and pristine beaches, Rote is a fantastic island-hopping destination. Let's cover its most spectacular sights!

Also known as Thousand Mouth, Mulut Seribu is a bay of mangrove forest on the easternmost shore of Rote. With its unusual shape it resembles a maze across dozens of small islands lying very close to each other. Kayaking the bay is a unique experience of its own, not to mention excellent snorkelling and diving.

Laut Mati lake is Indonesia's very own Dead Sea. Less salty than its Middle Eastern equivalent, Laut Mati lake combines both sea and freshwaters. Spreading across 12 square kilometres (7.5m2), the lake casts a natural spell ranging from the cleanest air, marine habitat, and immense grasslands.

We are cruising west towards a hilly coastal area of Batu Termanu. The highlight here is two towering miles - one on the sea and the other one is on the ground. According to the legend, these stones are a stranded couple of husband and wife who came from Seram Island. When the dry season arrives, the visible panorama resembles a part of the African continent. The yellowing savannah hills, rows of palm trees and wild horses that run free make for excellent viewing.

Nemberala Beach is the most favourite place of active sea-lovers in Rote. Immaculately pristine, calm but with fiery sunsets, Nemberala features a one-of-its-kind surfing destination, T-Land spot. Further south, there is another top surf site, at Bo'a beach. Hosting an international surfing competition annually, the wave at Bo'a is quite challenging, similar to Hawaii, especially in September to October.

The next beach we are going to visit is Oeseli beach with amazingly stunning panorama. Protected from all sides, Oeseli reminds more of a lake adorned with many rocks piling up on top of each other. What an entrance gate to Rote island! Stroll deeper into Oeseli village if you want to meet the seaweed farmers.

The journey to explore Rote Island it doesn't only stop here. There are still many small islands in the vicinity that hold surprising hidden sights. Like island hopping to Ndao Island for yet another glimpse of a Robinson Crusoe paradise. Let's chat, we can share more of Rote with you!~ less

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