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Translated as “4 Kings,” Raja Ampat in eastern Indonesia, extends over 40,000 km2 of land and sea. The islands of Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta, and Misool are the “4 Kings” but represent only a small part of the region. Islander’s Raja Ampat liveaboard and luxury sailboats are perfect for travel across this stunning archipelago of 610 islands. Because of its enormous range, large portions remain virtually unexplored and uncharted – which means there are vast areas of deserted beaches, uninhabited islands and tropical waters waiting for adventurous divers to create extraordinary memories! ~ more

Raja Ampat liveaboard diving

Raja Ampat diving is probably the very best in the world, and our top pick in Indonesia. Misool Island has one of the most pristine reef systems on Earth, where biodiversity is improving rather than declining.

If you enjoy hunting for critters such as seahorses, pipefish and nudibranches, Fiabacet Island is THE night diving hotspot. Colossal sea slugs, crocodile fish, scorpion fish, camouflaged crabs, punching shrimps and walking sharks create an underwater circus!

The wild labyrinth of lagoons among the craggy islets of Wayil Island, display giant multi-coloured sea fans at the channel known as ‘Neptune's Fan.’ Yapap Lagoon is the ‘nudibranch kingdom’ - Yapap's nickname due to the enormous array of this bizarre sea creature.

Farondi is a cluster of luscious islands filled with caves and overhangs to explore; for diving holidays, this is gold.

Raja Ampat's spectacular islands

The Olobi Islands feature a series of plush, white beaches, interconnected bays, blue lagoons, and hills adorned with glamorous birds and 200 unique species of orchid. Love Lake is a heart-shaped lagoon on Karawapop Island that will stay with you forever.

Daram’s long, uninhabited beaches make ideal nesting sites for endangered green and hawksbill turtles. While Lenmakana Island houses a large population of stingless jellyfish in its hidden lake. Swimming amongst hundreds of these delicate, curious creatures as exotic life echoes throughout the forests, will create a magical memory.

The reefs around the colossal peaks of Jef Pele Island are the ultimate frontier of Misool paradise. It's possible to kayak inside a large lagoon and paddle across coves stuffed with mantas, hammerhead sharks, sperm whales and sea snakes.

Home to some of the most engaging views in all of Raja Ampat, the Balbulol Islands are best explored by kayaking. Witness Christmas tree-shaped karst rocks towering out of picture-perfect lagoons. Harfat, on Dapunlol Island, is the highest mountain in Misool. Witness ragged karsts and the shallows of sandy sea-beds, dying crystal water with vivid shades of blue, creating colourful mini-atolls.

Designing luxury liveaboard journeys

You’ll see all of this natural beauty in Raja Ampat liveaboard luxury. Our elite fleet of high-end yachts are the ultimate in comfort and design, allowing you the opportunity to see the best of Raja Ampat’s marine galaxy as well as the treats on land. This is the real advantage of a yacht holiday over a standard hotel-based vacation.

Raja Ampat’s land biodiversity is every bit as rich as its more famous marine environment. Rock islets amidst the crystal waters and bright blue sky in Wayag, Pam and Misool, offer some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet. With untouched hills covered in orchids and limestone cliffs jutting around hidden bays, it’s rugged, raw and a completely unique experience.

Islander is the #1 place to find the best Raja Ampat liveaboard with personalized itinerary. To charter a luxury yacht holiday sailing across Raja Ampat in Indonesia, get in touch with Islander today.

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