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Krabi, Phuket Koh Samui, Pattaya, Bangkok, Hat Yai, Chiang Mai SIN, KUL, HKG, PEN, SVO, DME, DXB, MEL, SYD, DOH, IST ..

Phi Phi island tour promises an adventure across the Thai island superstars. You saw them in the movies, and for some, they are the only reason to touch down in Thailand. You will discover the famous Maya Bay; chase the monkeys on Monkey Beach; experience the Viking Cave; and snorkel in pristine waters of the picturesque Pileh Lagoon. Our Phi Phi Island tour is available from Phuket, Krabi, or Koh Lanta on a speedboat, catamaran, or a private yacht. ~more

Phi Phi island tour

Phi Phi island tour by speedboat is the most popular choice. We will cruise around Phi Phi Don ~ a blissful island displaying tropical beaches, dramatic cliff and rock formations. Featuring a bustling town filled with street cats, and an incredible viewpoint overlooking Phi Phi Leh. Enjoy turquoise waters bursting with vibrant marine life.

Then glide luxuriously over the sea to Phi Phi Leh ~ world famous because of the Maya Bay from The Beach movie. Inhabited once by Leonardo Di Caprio, Maya Bay is a marvellous, white sand beach, sheltered by 100-meter high cliffs on three sides. It can only be witnessed from a boat, as the bay is closed to rejuvenate the condition of its coral reefs and marine habitat. Swim in the hidden Pileh Lagoon ~ a natural paradise, surrounded by limestone mountains. Hundreds of colourful, wild fish will welcome you into warm, 29 degrees, turquoise waters.

Travel back in time to explore the Viking Cave; where swifts make delicate nests beside ancient wall paintings resembling fearsome Viking ships. Then watch the long-tailed macaque troops inhabiting fascinating Monkey Beach. Finally, sail to Bamboo Island for supreme snorkelling along its reef edge.

Phi Phi island tour by private boat

How about renting a private boat for a tour across sensational Phi Phi Islands? Just you and your friends, away from the tourist hoards. You can charter a boat to Phi Phi island tour from various places, including Phuket, Krabi, and Koh Lanta. There is always a speedboat, catamaran, or a private yacht available to zoom you around these stunning islands in exhilarating style and comfort. To book onto one of our Phi Phi island tours, contact Islander today.

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