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Koh Lipe islands


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Phuket, Bangkok, Chiang Mai SIN, KUL, PEN

Often called the Maldives of Thailand, Koh Lipe deserves its praise as a tropical paradise. The island features lush vegetation, surrounded by crystal clear, calm turquoise water and paradisiac beaches. Initially settled by the Chao Lay people (“sea gypsies”), Lipe has retained its pristine beauty and relaxed vibe, far removed from the exhausted tourist scenes of more popular islands. ~ more

Wake up early and watch the sun peek above the ocean waters on Sunrise beach, stroll along in a stunning white sand beach with sparkling turquoise water all around, and finishing the day with a magnificent sunset on “Sunset Beach.” Those are part of the enchantment that one can have in this small pretty island. If you’ve seen the movie “The Beach,” you likely remember the scene where Leo is in the ocean at night, and the water is aglow with glittering blue lights. Just bioluminescent plankton, and as unreal as it seems, you can experience this magical phenomenon in Koh Lipe too. For those adventurous, hike to Koh Lipe viewpoint and see the breath-taking forest-seascape combination of scenery could satisfy the soul.

As this was not enough, Tarutao National Park covers 51 islands around Koh Lipe with flourishing forests, wildlife sanctuaries, coral reefs, and deserted beaches. Tarutao is one of the best-preserved, most splendid marine parks in Thailand. Once you lay your feet in Koh Lipe, you are guaranteed the most authentic experience of a remote tropical island. And for sure, you will be left to feel that you found the definition of paradise on Earth.

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Koh Lipe islands, Thailand


Koh Lipe islands, Thailand


Koh Lipe islands, Thailand

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