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Indonesia Secret Gilis Guide

Most people who hear about the Secret Gilis would often think of the three more famous ones, namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno. Moreover, one may confuse Secret Gilis with South Gilis, too. Like all other Gilis, the Secret Gilis are located in the vicinity of Lombok island. Still, the Secret Gilis are the less visited by far. Very new to tourism, these islands offer more of the untouched paradise then other more popular Gilis. Scattered off the east coast of Lombok, Secret Gilis is an ideal island-hopping destination for adventurers looking for the unknown. If you’re looking for isolated tiny islands featuring sandy beaches, serene waters, vibrant marine life, and colorful coral reefs, then better start planning your next adventure.

Secret Gili Islands are located on the eastern coast of Lombok island, in the Sekotong area of the Batugendang peninsula. The Sekotong area is an untouched part of Lombok as compared to the three more famous Gilis (Gili T, Gili Air, Gili Meno) and fourteen of the South Gilis. Therefore, Secret Gilis are still waiting to be explored with more and more curious tourists opting to discover its secrets, literally. Even if you look at the maps, you’ll have a hard time finding these tiny dots in the middle of the Flores Sea. The nearest location where you can get occasional boat rides to Secret Gilis is from Lombok east. The best way to reach these secluded islands and thoroughly explore them is by booking an Islander boat tour.

There are four tiny and secluded islands among the Secret Gilis. Gili Pasir is one of the smallest islands in the world and is completely covered in a white soft sand beach that only appears on low tides. During high tides, the island is entirely underwater, and you will feel as you’re walking on water. Gili Petagan, on the other hand, is the largest island and is also known to be the most developed one. Gili Petagan is also known as Gili Lampu due to the lighthouse built during the war. One distinctive feature of Gili Petagan is the mangrove forest that surrounds the whole island, contributing to the purity of the air that surrounds the island. A perfect destination for snorkeling enthusiasts, one can find beautiful corals and a wide variety of fish. The most famous of the Secret Gilis is Gili Kondo, which is also known as Gili Trawangan of the east. The atmosphere that surrounds Gili Kondo is a rustic one with no modern infrastructure where you can get closer to nature. Those who are into the sport of snorkeling will find Gili Bidara to be the ideal snorkeling site, in particular, the beginners due to the shallow waters that surround the island. Gili Bidara is uninhabited and makes for a peaceful getaway. Many tourists visit Gili Bidara, where the legendary Mount Rinjani appeals to nature lovers, adding to the mysterious vibe of the island.

Arguably, the best time to visit Secret Gili Islands is anywhere from April to November to avoid the rainy season. However, it does not rain that much. The rainy season starts from the beginning of November, and it’s not suitable to visit the islands as tides are high, and Gili Pasir is underwater. It is highly recommended for tourists to visit during the dry season to experience the best tropical holiday. Fellow travelers recommend visiting the islands in September as tourist crowds tend to leave the country since the rainy season is coming. At that time, you can expect lower prices, fewer crowds, but also fewer tour options. Don’t worry as Islander boat tours operate throughout the whole year.

There is a huge possibility that you’ve never heard about these paradise-like islands featuring tropical climate, white powder beaches, and turquoise waters. As the name suggests, Secret Gili Islands are the perfect getaway from hoards of tourists while soaking up in the solitude and the untouched beauty. Only in this case, the getaway will be from Lombok, which is a paradise island itself! Due to its size, there are no accommodation options on Secret Gilis. Therefore, the best place with accommodation to experience the Secret Gilis from remains Lombok. Since vibrant coral reefs surround the islands, you can find the world-class snorkeling and diving spots around the Secret Gili islands. Camping is a viral activity on Gili Kondo where you can meet other like-minded people and enjoy beach time and breathtaking sunsets. Gili Pasir is one of the world’s tiniest islands featuring only a small sandy beach without a single tree covered with a coral reef. Take a quick boat ride there and enjoy the smallest beach in Indonesia.

  • World-class snorkeling and diving featuring rich and diverse coral reefs and its marine life. The currents and waves are non-existent, which makes these waters extremely beginner-friendly
  • Exploring the untouched nature and incredibly diverse and colorful corals
  • Camping on Gili Kondo and meet like-minded adventurers
  • Avoiding tourist crowds and have a tropical paradise all for yourself as the Secret Gilis are still undiscovered
  • Exploring Gili Kampu or ‘Lightning Island’ that is a lighthouse built during the WW2
  • Take a boat tour around thick mangrove forest covering the major part of Gili Petagan
  • Best places in Secret Gilis

    Gili Pasir


    Gili Kondo


    Gili Bidara


    Gili Petagan