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Indonesia Lombok Guide

To the east of its famous Indonesian sibling of Bali lies Lombok – a large island that is becoming more and more popular with tourists. That’s mostly thanks to the 3 Gili Islands, which lie off the north-west coast. However, the rest of Lombok remains largely uncharted by the crazy throngs. It so provides many glittering examples of secret islands, bays, and beaches only available to those in the know. With its colorful Sasak culture, incredible dive spots, Pink beaches, giant tree forests, some of the best surfing in the world at Desert Point, astonishing waterfalls, and the mysterious, active volcano, Mount Rinjani, a trip to Lombok promises an authentic, island paradise experience. In short, you might not have a bucket list to return home with by the time Lombok is done with you.

Lombok finds its home in the West Nusa Tenggara province in Indonesia, bordering the much famous Bali with the Lombok Strait being the only thing between it and the prominent location. Looking at Lombok on the map shows just how big this location is – almost the size of Bali and having a lot of unique landscapes running through diverse regions worth seeing too. Perhaps the best thing about the unique location of Lombok is how it allows the island to stay secluded to a lot of prying eyes, ensuring the natural and exotic feel of the island is kept alongside human-made installments.

There is nothing a holiday traveler is looking for that they will not find in Lombok. The area offers the kind of multiple personalities that ensures it suits different forms of travelers. The people over here as amicable as can be, and they bring one of the most vibrant cultures in the world to the table. Blessed with its proximity to the trio of the Gili islands, Lombok shines in the way by offering developed settlements sandwiched between natural landscapes. Speaking of views, Lombok promises Pink beaches, secret bays, and a myriad of secluded places for those who know their way around this uncharted island. Backpackers and honeymoon couples tend to flock to Lombok for its quieter ambiance compared to Bali – and it’s probably what Bali must’ve been like decades ago. The masses have not descended yet, but it’s only a matter of time, so get there while it can still legitimately claim to be a hidden treasure.

Lombok enjoys what is considered a tropical climate, ensuring the weather stays about the same all year round. Even at that, though, the best time to visit the island will be between July to August. Of course, this is a short timeframe, but the advantages of traveling then include not having to deal with rainfall and the peak season for tourists. The more extended period would be from April to October. Otherwise, if you don’t mind a little rain, and have surfing as your main reason for traveling to Lombok, then November to March promises the perfect waves.

Seeing as Lombok is a relatively large island, letting the idea of what you are looking for on that vacation guide your accommodation needs is just appropriate. Going down that lane, Kuta would be the best location of stay for first-timers, as well as for surfing enthusiasts. If you have been here before, or you want to see what the nightlife is like, Senggigi is the ideal pick. However, that might not be ideal for families who could get more suitable accommodations at Tanjung instead. For the off-beaten-path, look for accommodation on the east coast as it promises a myriad of small islands to hop to that are completely off the radar yet. Overall, a perfect blend of all the above features can be found at neighboring Gili Air, and it ranks the most relaxed place to stay in Lombok for us.

Due to its unique location on the Indonesian landscape, Lombok is blessed with proximity to a lot of other islands. Small or big, these other islands retain an identity of their own and bring more diversity to your trip. Fortunately, Lombok finds a home near the fAmed trio of Gili islands that add much to its popularity. Beyond that, you also get to explore the likes of the fourteen of South Gili islands and the trio of Nusa Islands – all promising that pure, virgin, uncharted vibe! Finally, the Land of the Gods is within easy reach too – Bali vacation can never be overrated.

Lombok does not have anywhere near the nightlife at Bali; neither does it enjoy the vast array of attractions you would enjoy in Bali too. However, it is much quieter and more of a beach location for those looking to unwind. The big draw of Lombok is a 3-day hike to the top of Mount Rinjani, a volcano in the middle of a geopark, topped by a crater lake. Both Lombok and Bali offer exciting island-hopping day trips, so it is really up to your preference for choosing the best base. Both islands feature an international airport, so getting into is not a problem at all. Finally, compared to Bali, Lombok is a predominantly Islamic area.

Time is a huge factor when choosing where to be between these two. If you happen to have more time on your hands to explore a larger location, nothing stops you from visiting Lombok. If the reverse were to be the case, though, you should see what Nusa Penida has to offer within your short stay.

If you are looking for quality nightlife, the choice of what location to visit goes to Gili Trawangan. If you are planning to stay for more than one day, though, you will soon find out that this Gili island doesn’t offer a lot more apart of prime snorkeling and diving. Thus, you will be better off with Lombok with its broader range of things to do for an extended stay.

Best islands to see from Lombok

Gili Trawangan


Gili Meno


Gili Air


South Gilis


Secret Gilis


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