Why you must visit Kelor when in Komodo Park



Indonesia Komodo Park Kelor

Kelor island is a tiny not-to-miss destination in Komodo National Park, located in front of the picturesque hills of Flores. After a short 15 minute hike, the panoramic view from the top towards Flores, Rinca island, and other smaller islands of Komodo Park, is simply breathtaking.

Usually included as one of the top spots for island-hopping Komodo National Park, Kelor Island is unpopulated without the presence of any facilities and well-known for its tranquility and untouched state, making it an ideal destination for landscape photographers. One can often spot honeymooners and young couples eager for that Instagram-perfect shot atop of Kelor Island.

Other main features of Kelor island include the two beautiful and tempting beaches, ideal for lazing around and snorkeling after the energy-consuming hike. Kelor island also allows snorkeling directly from the beach. Local boats usually line along the east coast, and children can be seen playing and snorkeling joyfully in the water along the west side of Kelor island.

No facilities can be found on Kelor Island. However, since it is situated near to other islands, many still choose Kelor Island for day trips to enjoy its panoramic views, beach and water activities. As everywhere in Komodo, Kelor’s underwater landscape is rich with marine life.

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