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Cenderawasih Bay in the West Papua province is the largest national marine park in South East Asia. The park covers 1.5 million hectares, protecting 150 species of coral and over 200 species of fish, including its resident whale sharks. This remote corner feels like a brand new discovery on our beautiful planet and will amaze you with its 18 islands and 500 km of secluded coastline. ~more

With incredibly pristine islands and unspoiled marine life, Cenderawasih Bay is a perfect remote destination for a yacht holiday and one of the best dive sites in Indonesia.

The first thing everyone talks about in Cenderawasih Bay is the whale sharks of Kwatisore Bay, near the town of Nabire on the bay's southern coastline. It is one of the best places in Southeast Asia where you can snorkel or scuba dive alongside these gentle giants.

Kwatisore Bay has become a unique stopover location for whale sharks; they can be found roaming almost every day throughout the year. It is also possible to see other whales and the ocean sunfish, also known as mola, one of the most massive bony fishes in the world. This presence of the largest fish species has made Cenderawasih Bay an international magnet for adventure seekers.

In Cenderawasih Bay, you are not only going to enjoy its fascinating underwater life, but also the beauty of the islands surrounding it. Each of them offers their charm differently.

From Kwatisore Bay, you can explore Roon Island on the northwest. Many activities are available while sailing here. Exploring the sea with a kayak is one of the choices. Get closer to its natural beauty by going around the island of Roon, witness the uniqueness of the housing of residents living on the water, and meeting the local community. Roon Island also suits well for history enthusiasts; here you can visit the iconic Old Church which has the Bible published in 1898.

The next exciting island of Cenderawasih Bay is Mois Waar. This island offers a different experience by taking you to ancient times. Explore its historic cave with relics in the form of a skeleton of Wandau ethnic ancestors, the first human group who come to this island. Later, taking the hot spring bath containing sulfur without salt content is another experience that should not be missed.

Our journey of exploring the beauty of Paradise Bay continues by sailing northwest to visit Rumberpon Island. It will seem like a private island once we get there. You can enjoy the Pasir Panjang beach which has the longest deserted coastline of 6 kilometres (3.7 miles). Take a kayak to explore pristine Mangrove forests full with rare birds and endangered animals.

Chat with Islander team if you wish to discover more of Cenderawasih Bay. A sailing holiday across this remarkable destination is akin to Raja Ampat. Get here before everybody else does!

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Cenderawasih bay, Indonesia

Whale sharks

Cenderawasih bay, Indonesia


Cenderawasih bay, Indonesia


Cenderawasih bay, Indonesia

Mios Waar

Cenderawasih bay, Indonesia


Cenderawasih bay, Indonesia


Cenderawasih bay, Indonesia


Cenderawasih bay, Indonesia


Cenderawasih bay, Indonesia


Cenderawasih bay, Indonesia

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Cenderawasih bay, Indonesia