The only guide to Best Islands in Southeast Asia ~ Islander



Because beauty needs a witness

Whether it be a kaleidoscope of fish, gushing waterfall, golden sunrise, smoking volcano, song of a hundred birds or the smile of your loved ones, all beauty needs to be witnessed to truly exist. It cannot be called beautiful, if someone is not there to see, feel and experience it in all its glory.

That’s where Islander comes in. We are all about bringing you to the most compelling, remote destinations, so you can be among the few people on the planet to witness and revel in their beauty.

Islander is the only place offering you personalised, luxury yacht and boat trips across Thailand, Indonesia and Myanmar to some of the most unspoiled, untouched and unknown islands in Southeast Asia. These are islands the tourist hoards have yet to crowd, that remain unfiltered and unchanged by the unrelenting march of Westernisation.

These are places where you feel as one of those early explorers must have felt centuries ago — yet your mission is simply to relax, witness the beauty of the indigenous environment, and create wonderful memories.

Islander expertise

Islander has built a strong reputation because of our loyal relationships with local South East Asian partners, building an extensive knowledge of several regions which are largely unknown to the average tourist.

Our database of the top places to visit, sites to see and activities to do is unrivalled, and makes us the only place to trust when it comes to navigating these vast wildernesses — which span thousands of islands and thousands of square kilometres of ocean.

The itineraries we create are not just holidays of a lifetime; they are unique, rare experiences which can only be sourced through strong local knowledge and partnerships.

Islander service

An Islander boating experience is all about opulence, mystery and romance. It is a timeless mode of travel, catering for those who love the thrills of a speedboat as well as those who prefer the grace of a yacht.

At its essence, it is about the elements of nature; experiencing that panoramic view of the deep blue, without the obstruction of man-made blocks. Witnessing nothing but pure sky above, clear water below and natural wonders as old as time; peaks, valleys, jungle, rock, sand.

It’s about bringing you closer to nature, with a vessel as authentic, traditional and stylish as possible. Like a rich, teak deck, meticulously hand-crafted with age-old techniques passed down through generations, but furnished with modern decadence and first-class service mirroring that of a super-yacht.

Flexibility and choice are our strengths, as we offer a variety of voyages which can be personally tailored and many different modes of ocean travel. Speedboats are perfect for island hopping, classic sailing boats will take you back to an adventurous time when they ruled the waves, while catamarans and motor-yachts give you further options for a more modern, comprehensive, leisurely cruise.

Islander fleet

All of our vessels are stylish and cater for all the modern day comforts you would expect. Our luxury fleet are designed perfectly to suit these remote island collections in a refined manner. We select only the best crews, captains, chefs and entertainers to give you the highest level of quality on your journey.

It is our aim to provide you with everything you require before you set sail, leaving no stone unturned. We are meticulous in our planning and organisation, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Every single charter receives our complete attention and we are never satisfied until you are fully satisfied.

No matter what you are looking for; island hopping tours, speedboat transfers, day tours or multi-day yacht holidays, whether you want to scuba-dive shipwrecks, snorkel coral reefs, swim deep lagoons, trek to thundering waterfalls, bathe on smooth sands, get lost in the jungle, get close to wildlife, kayak hidden coves or take in a rich sunset from a secluded viewpoint, we will create a schedule unique to your needs to help you witness the beauty of the planet Earth.